How to add additional CSS in WordPress

If you’re here I’m going to assume you’re fairly new to this. So we will start with a quick overview of what CSS is and some best practice. But don’t worry if this looks all code-like and dangerous because it’s not. It’s super easy and super satisfying.

So what is CSS?

CSS is a styling language.

When it came along it changed everything in web design for one simple reason. It exists in one place (mostly). All your CSS should be in a stylesheet. This allows you to apply styling rules to your whole website, all at once.

Want every title tag to appear a certain colour?
CSS. Boom. Took 3 seconds.

So it’s fundamental you learn how it works and the other great news is that it’s pretty simple to understand. It’s basically plain English with some squiggly brackets.


additonial CSS

this will overwrite the commands in the default CSS stylesheet

Link to > finding a CSS class on your website



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