How to change the mouse cursor

The mouse cursor changes all the time on many websites depending on what you’re hovering over. It suggests the way you can interact with an element such as a field which will accept text, or an element you can click and drag. It can also be changed to simply look cool. Maybe it will compliment Tell Me More


How to use anchor links to jump to another point on the page


How to speed up your WordPress website

I have tried out many of the options (paid and free) to speed up WordPress loading times and this method always gets me the best results – and it’s a free one! We will be using two services – w3 cache and cloudflare. Firstly what are these? I have also written a separate post on Tell Me More


How to find a CSS class on your website



How to hide elements with CSS

This is another of the most useful CSS commands. Sometimes you just want to quickly get rid of something. Especially in the interests of minimalistic and clean design. To make this work you need to first find the class of the element you want to hide. From here you add the custom CSS: .classname { Tell Me More


How to turn your website dark mode

Dark mode is something I am a big fan of. Looking at screens all day, it’s softer on the eye and it makes text easier to read. What do I mean by dark mode? A dark background and a contrasting text. Depending how dark you choose your background to be, the text can still be Tell Me More


How to change the colour of links

Links make the web go round and if you’re building a great website, you’ll have a lot of them. Changing the colour of links is the prettiest way to style them and it’s easy to do. First things first you need to understand the 4 different ‘states’ a link can be in: a:link – untouched, Tell Me More


How to remove default link underline with CSS

Some WordPress themes will style your links with an underline. Cheeky. Personally I can’t stand it. Luckily it’s a simple CCS snippet to fix which removes all ‘text decoration’. Copy and paste the CSS code into your customiser. /* remove text decoration */ a {  text-decoration: none !important; } A much more aesthetic method for Tell Me More


How to create HTML links

link text Example How to create HTML links   How to create HTML links


How to use the HTML element
for line break

When it comes to HTML this might be the most simple but useful element there is. It’s certainly the one I type most often – maybe I just love a line break. In HTML a line break will start a new line, but importantly not a new paragraph. This is also useful all over WordPress Tell Me More